A home-grown brand that creates handcrafted products for every day life. Crafting, curating and creating your space

 Making it artfully yours

The Inception

Picture this - it's 2015, and a spark of creativity ignites in the hearts of two dreamers, Prashant and Kumarika. Fuelled by a love for art and a shared vision to spread beauty, they set out on an adventure that would soon become Rangreli. What started as a small operation from our home studio has blossomed into something truly remarkable. From a small studio in an apartment in Bangalore, to now an OG handcrafted brand.

The Couple Founders

Prashant and Kumarika, the dynamic duo behind Rangreli! They're not just partners in life but also partners in creativity. With Prashant's eye for design and Kumarika's artistic flair, they make the perfect team, turning dreams into reality, one stroke at a time. Kumarika comes from a background in fine arts while Prashant has been working in the product development and operations teams of brands such as 3M, HomeLane, Movensync and so on. The couple now dedicates their full focus on building Rangreli and reaching out to as many homes as possible creating artful products that bring a touch of nature and artistry to every product.

Cylinder Table Lamp - Blue Ombre Lamp shade with Lid - rangreli

The First Product: A handcrafted and hand-painted lamp

Now, here's where the magic began. Imagine a cozy corner bathed in the warm glow of our very first creation - a handcrafted, hand-painted lamp. It wasn't just a lamp; it was an ideas waiting to take wings. They put up a stall in Soul Santhe Bangalore and sold out on their very first exhibition. This gave the creative couple the confidence and courage to start Rangreli.

Cone Table Lamp - Flower Garden Lamp Shade 3008 - rangreli

The Mission

At Rangreli, our mission is simple yet profound - to sprinkle a little bit of art into every home. We believe that nature and beauty should be a part of everyday life, and our handcrafted treasures are here to make that belief a reality. Our mission is to help customers create artful spaces inside their homes, bridging nature and art to their living rooms an bedrooms. From nameplates to wall art, each piece carries a piece of our soul and a whole lot of love.

Handpainted Customized Name Plate - Bougainvillea Floral Name Plate - rangreli

Handcrafted by our in-house artists - Designs Inspired by Nature

Nature - the ultimate muse! At Rangreli, we take inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of the natural world. From the gentle sway of leaves to the vibrant hues of flowers, nature's palette guides our creations, infusing them with unparalleled charm. Almost all our collection is in some or the other inspired by Nature either through the beautiful blooms of the flowers or a collection of fauna from an English garden. Each of the products speaks volumes with the intricate designs depicted in a handcrafted fashion